Salisbury's Wine Bar

We take our wines very seriously at Danny's Craft Bar & Kitchen. Our main aim is to provide a premium wine bar in Salisbury at a fair price. All our Wines are handpicked by experts to ensure we always meet our customers requirements. Whether you fancy a light crisp White wine through to a full bodied Red and everything in between, we always ensure that everyone who visits Danny's Craft Bar has a choice of wine to suit their needs.

Our full wine list is available via the link at the bottom of the page.

Spirits at Danny's

Danny's Craft Bar Salisbury aims to offer our customers the largest selection of Spirits in Salisbury. You would have to search pretty hard to find a larger offering from a venue locally. We make sure we have everything needed to create your perfect beverage from Premium Spirits through to the correct garnish.  

If you refuse to drink anything but the best then head over to Danny's Craft Bar Salisbury and try one of our many premium spirits from one of our 14 Gins to our Stolichnaya Elit Vodka. At our wine bar we believe in consistency and our standards are always of the highest standard.

Did you know? All our Gin & Tonics are garnished based on your choice of Gin. From fresh cucumber & Juniper berries through to Pink Grapefruit.